Open Source or Knowledge Socialization


I think that sooner or later you have to admit that the free software or open source is one of the most controversial, important and biggest social revolution of our industry.

Now we have a lot of new business models, from the free foundations and the hacker’s community to the business of the “free” stuff. Its important not only for the opportunities and the new models but for the social change that promotes.

Our world is becoming more and more communicated. Culture, languages and distances now doesn’t matter at all. More than ever we need to stop, to realize this new world, and to change, we are more concerned about mutual help to resolve our world most relevant issues.

I’m a believer of free knowledge and the importance of share what you know. If we stop to hold it just for ourselves our world will be very different. If you look at mathematics you will see how this science mother of others is sharing and creating innovations everywhere. The author will have the recognition from the community but you can use this knowledge at once, at no charge. Is even sort of a contradiction that you can patent immediately some applications of those mathematics and you don’t have to pay to the original author of the mathematics foundation.

It is understandable that patents have his place in history and that are or at least where good in a specific time and place, but I don’t see a terrible slow innovation by free or open software.

¿Witch business model will stand to the future? ¿Is there any chance that other industries like pharmaceutics will be on a free and open way of share the innovation and discoveries? ¿This will be sustainable? ¿What about automobile, construction or other industries?
¿What we can learn from mathematics and from the open source software?

A good friend told me once: Now is the time for knowledge socialization just turn around and look to Wikipedia.

¿Are we really achieving the knowledge socialization, are we ready for it?