Jeff Atwood A Democracy of Netbooks

I couldn’t be more in accordance with Jeff Atwood post: A Democracy of Netbooks.



My new Netbook

I was searching for a Netbook but before I make my decision I won an Acer Aspire One D150! So may be isn’t the model or brand that I was looking for but for free I can live with that!

You have to get used to the keyboard because it has the smaller keys on the market but it took me just some minutes and mistakes to have good speed and control. It’s a fine machine far better than the first Acer Aspire One model.


Definitively one of the very best advantages of the Linux operating systems it’s the specialized markets that are created. Jolicloud seems at least on their site to be one of the promising Linux for netbooks with an excellent support for the current configurations. I have to test it some weekend with a lot of free time. I’m using the Ubuntu desktop version, and it’s very pleasant and responsive but I’ll give a try to the “atom optimized” versions when I can.