My new Netbook

I was searching for a Netbook but before I make my decision I won an Acer Aspire One D150! So may be isn’t the model or brand that I was looking for but for free I can live with that!

You have to get used to the keyboard because it has the smaller keys on the market but it took me just some minutes and mistakes to have good speed and control. It’s a fine machine far better than the first Acer Aspire One model.


Blog de Scanda

I got a friend of those filled with the most rare adventures that you can imagine and finally he’s starting to write about it I hope he doesn’t lose his intentions. His writings are on Spanish so if you want to read it then go to his new blog at escribescanda on blogspot

Robot Controlled By Human Brain Cells

Today in a moment of spare time when you pass around yours rss to see what’s coming I found this article. The interesting thing wasn’t for me the control per se but the curious coincidence of the natural connections of the neurons and the silicon chip. Maybe it will come the time when the biological and sociological evolution will be in direct interaction with our technology innovation and… evolution?


Pandion it’s not death!

Pandion it’s not death!

I think that I was the only human being interested on Pandion on the planet. And that is because it’s the high end technology that my employeer uses now to have an internal instant messaging system (yes I know who think of a just “internal” IM on these days?).

For who are interested Pandion it’s an IM based on the XMPP standard.