Processing Visualization Language for JavaScript or maybe not?

It’s really frustrating when you found a web technology that meets your requirements just to find out later that you can’t use that on IE (and it’s specially irritating when the reason it’s an intentional standard un-compliant).

I know there are workarounds. But then again, why?


ecoder a web based code editor

I’m searching ways to build all of my development and collaboration tools on the Internet (I know now everybody calls it “the cloud”). It will be great if you don’t need anything not event the code editor neither the compiler. Searching for the current approach I found ecoder. It’s really a very good concept. It’s difficult just to throw out all your heavy and sophisticated development IDE and tools but it’s nice to have your code in your source control and have an editor to change or to work remotely without the dependency of your computer. I don’t know if is just a nice try one or two days idea but I will give it a try.