Extensible Storage Engine

The Extensible Storage Engine is one of the hidden gems of Microsoft APIs that doesn’t give much attention but is the foundation of very popular technologies like Exchange or Active Directory. May be it will be a good idea to get your hands a little dirty with this.




Definitively one of the very best advantages of the Linux operating systems it’s the specialized markets that are created. Jolicloud seems at least on their site to be one of the promising Linux for netbooks with an excellent support for the current configurations. I have to test it some weekend with a lot of free time. I’m using the Ubuntu desktop version, and it’s very pleasant and responsive but I’ll give a try to the “atom optimized” versions when I can.


Active Directory Programming


MSDN – Introduction to System.DirectoryServices.Protocols (S.DS.P)
MSDN – The .NET Developer’s Guide to Identity
Share the Intellectual Wealth: Directory Programming with System.DirectoryServices. AccountManagement
Stackoverflow – What can you do with System.DirectoryServices.Protocols.ExtendedRequest?
Kaplan – A Tale of Two LDAP Stacks
Directory Programming .NET
Servicios de directorio en .NET Framework
Account Management Diagram by Daniel Moth
MSDN – Managing Directory Security Principals in the .NET Framework 3.5

Pandion it’s not death!

Pandion it’s not death!

I think that I was the only human being interested on Pandion on the planet. And that is because it’s the high end technology that my employeer uses now to have an internal instant messaging system (yes I know who think of a just “internal” IM on these days?).

For who are interested Pandion it’s an IM based on the XMPP standard.