Is UML Death?

I found this article just by accident. I don’t think that UML is Death because there is some concepts and things that almost everyone use from time to time like a sketch of some classes design or an interaction, but I agree on some of the very good topics denoted by

I’ll extract some:

  • Software design is not manufacturing no matter how much management likes to think about it this way.
  • Software creation is a creative activity so a more accurate description would be craft, art or something along this line.

Personally I think the big issue is the complexity. When UML was trying just to be a communication mechanism between the different stakeholders it was really good and simple but when got to many academic attention and revisions then become more and more complex and less useful. I think that UML is great when you use it as a simple communication mechanism and when you don’t try to express detailed technical details. If you need to express complex ideas there is a very common standard for that it is called written language and you can’t replace that with an impressive and big collection of symbols.



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